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How it all started

A journey through time

A lot has already happened here at our beautiful spot next to the Old Danube. From the first rowing boats and the rowing clubs, the Danube regulation, the “island” Gänsehäufel and the "Neu Brasilien" allotment. And finally, to our Bootshaus.

A journey through time

Das Bootshaus through the years

1850 - First rowing trips

It all began around 1850, when Viennese citizens borrowed boats from the Danube fishermen. On the weekends, they “rowed” down the extensive branches of the Danube. Shortly thereafter, they built their own flatboats and the first rowing communities were formed. The starting signal of rowing as a sport in Vienna took place when the first Viennese rowing club, LIA, was established in 1863. Over the years, more clubs were founded, and the first races took place. With the Danube regulation from 1870 to 1875, the separation of today's Old Danube from the main branch of the stream took place. The former riverbed is now a marsh.

1900 - Gänsehäufel

After the separation, there were two islands in the middle of the former main branch - with flat slopes and sandy beaches. Because of the goose breeding that took place there, they were already known as Gänsehäufel, but haven’t really been noticed by the Viennese. In 1900 the naturopath Florian Berndl made the discovery. He leased the island and used it as a healing and recreational site for people exhausted from city life. He not only propagated nudism, but also prescribed air, sun and light baths.

1904 - Neu Brasilien

When the lease was terminated by the Vienna City Administration, Berndl moved to the property located on the otherside. In 1904 he founded the allotment garden colony "Neu Brasilien" and rented out small garden plots. The inspiration for the name came from the extensive white beach at that time. In addition, Berndl also ran a small bar. At the beginning it was only a small hut and two benches, but it quickly became a refuge for the gardeners in bad weather. Since then it’s been operated as a traditional pub on the bank of the Old Danube.

2017 - Das Bootshaus

At the end of 2017, the Querfeld family took over the "Neu Brasilien" restaurant. It was followed by the careful renovation of the historic house and the creation of a restaurant in the style of a British-Viennese rowing club. Das Bootshaus on the Old Danube is a charming symbiosis. An authentic homage to rowing and the history of this beautiful spot. There is a peaceful room furnished with a fireplace and Chesterfield sofas, old trophies and historic photographs, reminiscent of the history of rowing on the Old Danube. And the idyllic jetty directly on the water with the best view of the city skyline.



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