Wake up. Row. Eat Breakfast. Repeat.

A perfect start to the weekend!

Meet friends and family at the Old Danube. Watch the rowers while they’re training. Enjoy a “Bootshaus-Frühstück” (boathouse breakfast) right on the water. And with that enjoy a relaxing start to the day. In addition, a classic Melange. Or would you rather prefer a Row-secco? In the middle of Vienna and yet in nature. A holiday feeling is guaranteed, and a perfect view is always here, come rain or shine.

From breakfast to sundowners

Enjoyment in sight!

Oars or sculls? “Ruderbrot or “Achterl”? At Das Bootshaus, you can start your day comfortably with a “Schlagmann-Frühstück” (strokesman breakfast). Or add a perfect end to your day with a caipirinha. With our homemade cakes and pastries from Landtmann's Original Bakery, you will tastefully row to the finish. But no matter what you choose, it's all year round. Enjoy the sunny side of life, while taking in our unique view and peaceful atmosphere!

Attention. Go!

Refreshing in every season!

A table for 2, 4 or 8 guests? Here you can have a holiday from your everyday life. We offer summer drinks, homemade sodas, fresh smoothies and regional organic wines. Enjoy a classic Melange at the relaxing Das Bootshaus restaurant or watch the sun go down on the sandy beach. Sip the best caipirinhas on the Old Danube. Just perfect! For the most beautiful summer dreams.

In the homestretch.

Tasteful to the end!

Cake dreams come true. The classic strudel and cakes and pastries from Landtmann's Original Bakery row to the Old Danube. Enjoy a classic apple strudel on the idyllic jetty. Or would you prefer a piece of “Kardinalschitte”? Our “coxswain” also recommends that for the perfect holiday feeling at home, our specialties are also available to take away. Who can resist that?

Our Menu

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